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The four major dangers of using social networking websites.

•             Over sharing information. When creating a profile page, most websites will ask for personal information such as home addresses, birthdays, and phone numbers. Giving this information can be very dangerous and will be made public to anyone who visits a user’s profile page, especially if privacy settings are not set correctly. Even if account settings are set to private, users are still at risk of their accounts being hacked. If someone hacks into an account he or she will be able to view and use the information. Sharing simple things like your favorite color can tip off a hacker to try to see if you used that as a password on your account. The biggest threat of over sharing information is identity theft. Identity theft is not uncommon in the world of online social networking. Online computer criminals look to steal identities in obvious and not so obvious ways. An obvious way would be someone asking for your social security number. A not so obvious way is luring a user to click on a link that will allow the criminal to download all of the user’s personal information. The anonymity provided online makes it easier for computer criminals to go undetected.

•             He’s not who you think he is. Social networking sites make it very easy to pretend to be someone else. Even if an individual may be friends with someone on the site, anyone can take control of a user’s account if he or she can obtain the user’s password. As a result, someone who is a “Friend” can ask for money or gain personal information that can be used to hack into other accounts. For example, you may get a message from a relative asking you for your banking information because he or she would like to wire you some money for your birthday. You may think you’re talking to your relative, but in fact the information is being requested by someone who has hacked into your relative’s account.

•             Location-based services. Location-based services can be one of the most dangerous features provided by social networking sites. It exposes the profile user’s location and whereabouts. The service also has a feature that allows users to tag who they are with at any given time. While it can be fun to share your location with friends and family, it can also increase your vulnerability, potentially opening you up to being robbed, sexually assaulted, or worse. Predators can use this tool to track your movements and determine when you are alone or when you are not at home.

•             Posting photos. One of the features of online social networking that many teens enjoy is the photo-sharing feature. This feature allows you to post photos 24 hours a day. Whether it is from your computer or mobile device, posting photos can be done in seconds. The Internet makes it easy to obtain photos and use the images in any way a person may choose. Posting inappropriate photos that may be deemed as fun, cute, or sexy, can end up where one least expects it. Photo tampering is a big threat when it comes to posting photos online. The use of photo editing tools allows people to manipulate online images in any way they choose, whether it’s used for good or bad purposes. While posting pictures and sharing them with friends can be fun, it can also be risky.

Teaching Your Teen Three Simple Steps To Increase Safety

1.            Don’t give optional information-When creating a profile, you do not need to enter all of the information that is requested. The set-up page usually requires you to fill out basic information, such as your name and email. Everything else is optional. Do not feel obligated to put your address and telephone number.

2.            Third level of privacy- There are three levels of privacy settings to choose from for your profile. There is “open to everyone,” “open to friends of friends” and “friends only.” The best setting to use is the “friends only” setting on all of your privacy choices. “Friends only” is the strictest level of security; it only allows people that you have accepted as a friend to view information about you.

3.            Accept only people you know- Accepting only people you know and trust is a great way to ensure safety when using social networking sites. Doing this can protect you from spammers, pedophiles, and other people who use social networking sites to commit crimes.

When discussing social networking safety with your child, encourage him or her to always use discretion when posting any type of photo, location status, and message. Tell your teen to ask him or herself these four questions before posting to the world:

"Think Before They Post”

1.            Should I share this? Will the information you share put yourself or someone else in danger?
2.            Do people really need to know where I am and who I am with? - Is it a good idea to let everyone know my exact location?
3.            Am I selecting friends online that I can trust? –Always keep in mind that it's not just about what you post, but how others may use that content.
4.            Is the information I am sharing transparent? - Before sharing information to the public, does your post give out too much personal information?

Having a discussion with your teen about social networking sites can ease some anxiety about your child’s safety. Social networking sites help us stay connected to family and friends. However, it’s important to make sure your child knows how to be safe while online. Encourage them to enjoy the sites but to be safe at all times.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Vital documents that must accompany your income tax return

Here’s a list of documents that one needs to be ready with, before filing his/her returns.

1. Permanent Account Number: Knowing your PAN number is the first step towards filing your return. You must cross check your PAN number online with the Income Tax Department before you begin to fill in your Income Tax Return on their website.

2. Form-16: The Form-16 is a form/statement issued by the employer carrying the details of your salary, the amount of taxable salary calculated after extra allowances, the Tax Deduction at Source deducted, the income tax deductions that you claim and the net tax due. Via TDS, the employer must have already deducted and deposited a part of your salary to the Income Tax Department.

3. Balance Confirmation Statements: You must declare all the incomes sourcing from interests earned on bank savings deposits, fixed deposits and debentures in the last financial year in the Income Tax Returns.

4. Certificate of Tax Deducted at Source: After verifying whether TDS has been duly deducted, you must furnish the TDS entries in the Tax Return to decrease the tax liability.

5. Form 26AS: The Form 26AS is a statement of all of your income tax received by the IT Department. It is a statement of tax credit showing voluntary tax payments, in addition to the TDS.

6. Proof of Exempted InvestmentsThe investments made under LIC, PPF, children’s tuition fee are eligible for tax deductions.

The payment as the principal amount of a housing loan also qualifies for the same with an upper limit of INR 1,00,000. However, if you reside in a house you are paying EMIs for, the EMI amount could be claimed for deduction with an upper cap of INR 1,50,000.

Donations certified to be in the name of charity can be declared for tax deductions as well. The PAN number of the charitable institution is required too.

Other Proofs of Investment: The interest you have paid on an education loan for higher studies can be claimed for IT deduction and so can the medical insurance payments for your family and your parents, capital gain on stocks (A Stock Trading Statement is required and has to be tallied with the Brokerage Account) and capital gain on the sale of owned property.

These are the documents and proofs, for claiming Tax Returns with the IT Department in India that are absolutely essential and help ease the process of filing a return.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Navratra's.....May Maa Durga give all of us health, happiness, success & prosperity let her Blessings be with all of you forever


Monday, March 31, 2014

Eveready Ultima Mobile Power-Model: The Eveready Power Bank UM 22 and 52

What is so special about Eveready Ultima Mobile Power?

It is one of the best product that always keep you connect to your loved ones even after you battery dies. You might ask, what is it and how does it help?

Smartphones has been getting powerful hardware but the battery life gets consumed entirely. One simply cannot keep hunting for wall power socket all the time and hence there has been rise of the mobile charger packs or juice packs. Eveready has introduced three such mobile charger packs as the Ultima Mobile 


The Ultima Mobile Power UM52 is top of the line product offering high output current of 2.1 amp which makes it usable to charge even the tablets. Offering two USB out ports, the UM52 supports charging two devices at the same time. The UM52 takes about 6-6.5 hours to get recharged completely. Bearing capacity of 5200 mAh, the UM 52 retains charge for a month and come with variety of charging tips to make it compatible with popular smartphones and tablets. Eveready has priced the Ultima Mobile Power UM52 at Rs 3200. Ultima Mobile Power UM52 offers similar features with high output current of 1 amp and has 2200 mAh capacity. This mobile charging pack recharges in 3.5-4 hours and bundles several charging tips to be compatible with variety of smartphones.

Eveready Ultima Mobile Power UM52 costs Rs 1600. The Eveready Ultima Mobile Power UM08 Multipack is a duo of the mobile charger pack and a USB powered wall charger. The mobile charger pack carries 800 mAh capacity and has dual colour LED indicators for the charging strength and status. It can be easily charged in 3.5 hours using a wall power socket or USB port from a computer.

The bundle costs Rs 1,200

Well, the Eveready Power Bank UM 22 is a smart charger for smart phones that has a rechargeable 2200mAh in-built battery which can be used to charge smartphones at anytime, anywhere. Launched by Eveready, the UM 22 has a micro USB, mini USB and Apple compatible port with which you can connect your smartphone to recharge its battery.

The Eveready Power Bank UM 22 is light weight and is easy to carry in-fact; you can carry it in your pocket. It comes with Overload, Overcharge and short-circuit protection that makes sure your precious smartphone isn’t damaged while charging through it. It has nice little LED indicators that tell you the status of the charge. The UM 22 Power Bank itself takes around 6 hours to charge and can recharge your mobile very fast. It protects itself from self-discharging using a novel shut down kind of mode and has around 30 days of standby time. It is a very useful gadget for all of those who like to have a spare battery for their smartphones as this gadget allows you to charge the battery of your smartphone and there’s no need to replace the spare battery plus, it can be easily carried.

Eveready has announced three new mobile charging power packs and one rapid USB charger - all priced and ranges from Rs 400 to Rs 3200.

Eveready has formally announced four new mobile charging products. Three new mobile charging packs, dubbed as Ultima Mobile Power and rapid charging USB charger, were part of the product announcement. New Eveready Ultima Mobile Power UM52, UM 22 and UM 08 Multipack are the mobile charging packs while the UC 05 is the USB powered mobile charger. These new products will be available from both online based retailers as well as offline vendors - electronics retailers.

Eveready Ultima Mobile Power UM 22 is constructed with thick white plastic material that packs the battery and other circuits inside. UM 22 is about an inch thick and three inches long. This mobile charger is easily pocketable and can be placed at any corner of your backpack or hip-pouch.

The button to start or switch off is located on one of the sides with a micro USB port with IN written under it. This basically means that the UM 22 needs to be connected to a power source for recharging using that micro USB port. Under the start button are four blue colored LED indicators that show the charge remaining in Mobile Power.

Eveready has packed three different adapter ports - micro USB, mini USB and Apple's custom pin adapter. The design of this mobile charging pack is quite pocketable and good enough if you wish to charge your phone at the end of the day. Our only concern is that the sharp edges at the sides of the charger could hurt a bit.

Performance and usage

Eveready has packed 2200 mAh of battery juice in the Mobile Power UM 22. This Mobile Power Bank takes about four hours or a bit more to recharge. With 1 Amp power output, it took about 2 hours and 20 minutes to completely charge the Nexus S's 1500 mAh battery. We completely drained the battery of the Nexus S and recharged it using the UM 22.

The LED indicators showing the charge remaining in the UM 22 were really useful. To top it off, the ability to sustain power for a month is an added advantage.

Another nifty feature we enjoyed is the automatic shut off mode, which basically puts the charger into sleep mode when no smartphone is attached for charging. Eveready promises safe charging and protection from overload.

· Overload Protection

· Overcharge and Short-circuit Protection

· 30 Days Standby Time

· Multiple Charging Tips

· USB Charging Time - 11 hrs

· Protects from Self-discharge

· Apple Compatible Tip

· 2200 mAh Li-Ion Battery


Sales Package

USB Cable and User Manual




USB Charger


Apple Compatible Tip micro USB, mini USB


UM 22

Fast Charge


Charging Time

6 hrs

Width x Height x Depth

20 x 122 x 112 mm

Warranty Summary

6 Months Warranty

The Eveready Power Bank UM 22 is available online from Flipkart which I think is a great buy as it allows you to charge different devices thanks to the multiple charging tips.

Portable mobile charging pack can sustain deliver full charge of 2200 mAh for a month-enough to charge a smartphone.

Eveready had recently announced mobile charging packs for smartphones as well as tablets. Launched under the new brand Eveready Ultima, the new Mobile Power chargers support a large variety of devices including Apple. We received the Eveready Ultima Mobile Power UM 22 for review after the launch and decided to put it through some real world tests.

For those who are looking for a handy and portable solution for recharging their smartphone Eveready Ultima Mobile Power UM 22 is the best choice and costs Rs 1,600. Further, that is the MRP and one can get it for less through several deals and discount coupons from online retailers.

Eveready UM 22 is a must accessory for those who use their smartphones a lot throughout the day-this is the best way of charging your phone while you are away from a charging point.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Core Qualities of Leadership.

The one enduring thing that separates the quality of people’s lives, the single largest difference being the capacity to lead. Leadership skills are not just a gift, but skills something anyone can learn.

What are the essential qualities that make a great leader? What are the skills, strategies, or tools that we can use to shape our natural gifts into true effective leadership?

There are certain patterns that cause people to succeed and other patterns that cause people to fail, patterns that cause people to be overwhelmed and stressed out and other patterns that allow people to find deep meaning and success in virtually every aspect of their lives.

So who is a leader?

It is the person who controls things by position. We all know that leadership, whether being a CEO or the manager, is all about the ability to influence the thoughts, emotions, and actions of other human beings.

Key point to be noted is the presence of energy to leadership. There’s passion and a level of connectivity that leaders have with others. It’s their ability to get things done and make progress that sets them apart.

Effective leadership styles

All of these people all have different styles. It’s not just great oratory. The spirit of great leadership is the capacity to take visions and to influence others to do more than they would ever have done on their own. Great leaders help people raise their own standards so that regardless of whether or not the leader is present, the organization or individual still performs at a higher level than ever before. At its essence, leadership is the ability to inspire people but to the ability to ignite the human spirit and execute consistently.
Leadership is not luck nor is it haphazard. Anyone who has been successful in any one area consistently is not lucky. They are doing something unique leaving successful clues.

Factual figures
In any organization, the choke-hold on the growth of the business is always the psychology and the skill sets of the leader. Sometimes their psychology lacks energy, often they are emotionally exhausted by things in their personal life, or sometimes there’s an energy leak because they are stressed about relationships within the organization or with clients that they are not connecting with. Sometimes the challenge stems from a lack of financial mastery, or other times it’s a lack of time mastery. Statistics reveal 80% of success is psychology and 20% is based on skill sets.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Leaders and Managers.

How about installing leadership qualities in Managers
Business world have both Managers and Leaders who are diametrically two different entities.
Leaders manage, lead and execute whereas Managers just manage and execute plans.

Leaders: Who are these people:
Leaders inspire and motivate people within an organization, shifting responsibility, forcing out the non-performers and rewarding the exceptional ones. Value of self-management and self-motivation is noticeable in leaders.

Managers: Who are these people:
Managers often are unable or unwilling to make the tough and unpopular decisions necessary and instead follow the path of least resistance. This can be due to the fact that it's the result of a manager being managed by a manager, usually a micromanager, rather than a leader. Managers usually order and many times just execute their plans mechanically, negative effects being decline in employee motivation.

Certain critical differences between Managers and Leaders are observed:
Managers only maintain command and control, many times to excess, thereby uninspiring employees, whereas Leaders empower and inspire their followers.

Managers make decisions, solve problems as they arise, and give orders, whereas Leaders set the standards, inspiring their followers to solve their own problems and take their own decisions.

A manager just accepts the organization's culture and does all that he or she can to cement the company's status quo, whereas Leaders teach their followers to be leaders in their own right and to better themselves, their companies, and those around them.

Leaders are always looking for better and more efficient ways of doing things and keep an eagle eye on the know-how and everyday skills of people employed in an organization. But unfortunately, even the best of managers don't do well with this type of task, but leaders do it well and professionally.

Transforming Managers to Leaders

We must look beyond hiring people with only fundamental management skills and employ candidates who exhibit a great deal of character and possess above-average leadership qualities in addition to management skills. Certain points as below needs to be incorporated at all Managerial levels during screening.

Effective communication is as important as the vision and this is present in visionary Leaders.

Integrity is an essential factor to have in a leader so as to have large followers.
Leaders must trust in themselves and their employees and they must earn their employees' trust. So look out for such trust building qualities as well.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Leadership Secrets: Real Leaders Run Toward Problems

Some people how their business experience taught them to help companies grow and also find solutions whenever trouble arises. Whenever a problem is observed always run towards it before the problem gets worse

The case of Damon Romney gives a useful illustration of this important leadership lesson:
Running a business also brings lessons in tackling challenges. I was on the board of a medical diagnostic-laboratory company, Damon, when a competitor announced that it had settled with the government over a charge of fraudulent Medicare billing. I and fellow Damon outside board members joined together and immediately hired an independent law firm to examine Damon’s own practices.
The investigation revealed a need to make some changes, which we did. The company, along with several other clinical-laboratory companies, ended up being fined for billing practices. And a Damon manager who was responsible for the fraud went to jail. The experience taught me that when you see a problem, run toward it or it will only get worse.
The case of Mr. Romney’s taxes
The clarity of the leadership lesson that Mr. Romney learned at Bain Capital makes it all the more baffling why he doesn’t apply it to a problem that he currently faces: his own tax returns. Unlike most prior presidential candidates, Mr. Romney has declined to reveal more than one year of his tax returns (2010), along with an estimate of 2011 and a promise to release the eventual 2011 return when completed.
The combination of Mr. Romney’s wealth, the unusually low rate of taxation paid on the income that he has revealed, the use of foreign bank accounts in Switzerland, Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, and other intriguing hints of esoteric tax practices have—unsurprisingly—launched a nationwide treasure hunt by the country’s tax experts to figure out what could be in those returns that Mr. Romney is reluctant to reveal.
Unsupported allegations that Mr. Romney paid no taxes at all are now being followed by more sophisticated inquiries based on information that is publicly available. Tax experts have for instance begun to examine the Bain Capital documents released Thursday by Gawker.
We can sympathize with Charlyn Lusk, a spokeswoman for Bain Capital, who said: “The unauthorized disclosure of a number of confidential fund financial statements is unfortunate.”  But what were Bain Capital and Mr. Romney expecting? The claim of secrecy only whets the appetite for disclosure.
The story so far

On the very day that Mr. Romney was telling us about the importance of running towards problems, Ryan Grim in the Huffington Post was explaining one of several significant issues that have already emerged:
Private equity managers already get the vast majority of their income from capital gains, which are taxed a lower rate, but also take a fee — typically 2 percent — off the top. That management fee is income. But some private equity managers have claimed to “waive” that fee in exchange for future capital gains.
“In exchange for a minimal amount of economic risk, the tax benefit is enormous: the compensation is transformed from ordinary income (taxed at 35%) into capital gain (taxed at 15%). Because the management fees for a large private equity fund can be ten or twenty million per year, the tax dodge can literally save millions in taxes every year,” writes Victor Fleischer, a tax expert and law professor at the University of Colorado. The problem is that it is not legal.

And Teresa Tritch in the New York Times writes: For Mitt Romney, probably the only thing worse than having to lay bare his financial life is for someone else to lay it all out. Which is, of course, exactly what Gawker did on Thursday, when the gossip Web site published confidential documents from Bain Capital, the private equity firm where Mr. Romney made his multi-millions and from which he still takes a share of the profits. 

And now we know much more about the nature of those profits. Mr. Romney and his partners may have abused the tax system by paying far less in taxes than they should have.

Run towards the problem, not away from it
Now that the hunt has begun, tax experts have begun to sniff blood.  The more adamant that Mr. Romney is that he will not release his returns, the more energetic the search for answers will become.

The political reality is that Mr. Romney’s taxes create a massive distraction for his candidacy and get in the way of serious discussion of the substantive questions facing the country. So why doesn’t Mr. Romney follow his own excellent leadership advice, that he learned so well at Bain Capital, and run towards the problem, not away from it?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Do Opimists make better leaders?

Optimism can be termed as an essential ingredient of innovation and is one of those ingredients and essential traits that today’s leaders must exhibit.

Here are some reasons why optimists can make better leaders

Optimists start businesses. 

An optimistic person sees opportunity where others see uncertainty and despair. At times of recession, pessimist uses this factor of unemployment as excuse to stay in a place, whereas an optimist refuses to let macro-economic trends impose hurdles on their imagination. They take up challenges to start new businesses that ultimately employ people back to work. The saying “optimists see opportunities in every difficulty” is very truly reflected here, since they have successful mindsets and start successful businesses in a very difficult economic environment by casting away the negative emotions of fear, uncertainty, and worry.

Optimists are inspiring communicators.

Inspiration also means eliciting a fervent enthusiasm. This is achieved through strong communication and believing in a better future.

Optimists rally people to a better future.

Speeches bring out the best in people as words and attitude of the speaker make public feel confident and secure in their presence.

Optimists see the big picture.
We all need optimists in our lives to fight the “Recency effect”. This effect is a psychological term that simply means the most recent experiences we go through are the ones we are likely to remember and assume they will continue into the future.
We need leaders who are immune to the recency effect and who see the big picture, reminding us of the long-term. For example, recession being bad as it seems in the moment and if you’re surrounded by pessimists you’re likely to assume that nothing will get better i.e  the economy or your personal situation.
Optimists elicit super human effort.
People must believe that no matter how bad things look, but this trait can be achieved by great leaders who know things will get better because they themselves will make them better. This is optimism with power of logic.

During times of economics crisis, believe in yourself, get things done even if facts and analysis pile up against you. Avoid skeptics but take their criticism in your stride and move on. Bottom line : We need optimistic business leaders who inspire their employees, clients, and customers, infusing them with the confidence and enthusiasm to take up challenges even in tougher times.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Food and delicacies prepared during Dasara in India.

Food and delicacies prepared during Dasara.

During the Durga puja festival, tourists and local natives can enjoy the best of the delicacies that are not usually found in other seasons. Here are some dishes served during the best of Dasara season.

Sweet items are the most prevalent with preparations of many delicacies depending on the region to which the tour is taken during the Durga puja in India.

In Mysore, food festival or the Aahara Mela is held and visitors get to taste different delicacies from all over Karnataka besides Bengal, Gujarat and Kerala. From Bidar a special variety is the jolada rotti, yengai, shenga and Agsi chutney curd. The speciality about this food is that the ingredients are directly from Bidar.

Jolada rotti, yengai and kara chutney are the specials on the menu. In the Non-Veg section, Dum mutton biryanis along with kebabs are served hot. In the chaats category, Bangarpet panipuri which is of colourless pani or water is up for grabs. Four different Pani puri’s namely pineapple, grape, watermelon, pudina besides pudina bhel is available every day. Participants from Bengal, Sindh, Gujarat, Kerala and Jain samajas present a variety of their foods on different days during the seven-day festival.

In state of West Bengal, Kolkata people prepare all types of spicy food items and these are mostly vegetarian items for example Aloo Posto, Bandhakopar Dalna, Chola dal, Labra and Misthi Doi. The Roshogolla is a sweet dish that is necessarily prepared in every household and is used for the prasad for the goddess.

In state of Punjab, typical punjabi cuisine along with the best punjabi lassi are the highlights. The cream paneer and cream chicken are their special dishes. A wide variety of parathas made by special chefs from Delhi, flow like butter. Such contrasting styles offered on the culinary platter for the taste lovers.

In Delhi, hotels offer a new type of wrap and rolls and roll mafia as a special menu during the four days of Puja. Also offered are delicacies like Dahi ke kebab, Aalo bhutte ka tikka, Murg haryali kebab, Murg angara kebab, Jungle paneer tikka, Dadad majboosh biryani and a special Bengali dish delicacy fish coconut curry.

Exercise for mental health, benefits of exercise on the mind and the brain

From ancient history onwards there has been a paradigm shift in the way people have been using their brain power towards various challenges faced in society be it academically or technically. The power or health benefits of exercise on the mind and the brain has become all the more significant and due importance has been given by introducing a lot of brain drain mental exercises to keep both the mind and brain sharper as a person ages. Apart from lot of brain drain gizmos or games available freely in our society, nature has to offer the best brain exercise in the form of swimming and a quiet and peaceful brisk walk in your own neighborhood.

Regular exercise like walking leads to a more robust development in mental abilities which can span from childhood and continue till old age.

This form of exercise reverses or slows down the brains physical decay and thereby the ageing process. We need to develop this habit on a regular basis and incorporate more of such physical activity into our lives so as to function optimally and additionally reap the benefits of staying agile and sharper.

There are also various man made or developed brain games in the form of Sudoku, find the missing six images, online games, puzzles and riddles and various other exercises which are strategically developed and made available for targeting the cognitive senses and neurons associated within the brain mappings in human beings.

These games exercises human cognitive abilities and improve brain fitness. Some online games like mastermind are good for practicing logic and deduction and some computer training games can also improve mental health by exposure to intense brain workouts which otherwise prove to be a boon for young and the old.

Scientists even hinted that physical activity plays a critical role in making our brains larger to a certain extent and researchers have time and again released press evidence that practicing a particular demanding mental task like for example dual n-back increases general intelligence. This effect increases the capacity of working memory in the sense the number of things we can hold in our head at one time while thinking. This significant breakthrough holds the promise of a way of increasing general intelligence and problem solving ability.

Also studies done all over the world shows that brain exercises may ward off Alzheimer’s disease and its related chemical components in the form of protein structures. Such observations have also revealed that people who are well educated and stay mentally active build up brain reserves that allow them to stay sharp even if deposits of the destructive protein called beta amyloid form in the brain.

Are you Building an Effective Work Team?

There were times when the hierarchy of boss- to- worker concept was the predefined way of working and getting work done, but this rhythm flow or governing mechanism has undergone a paradigm shift in various business entities which largely focus on effective work team and their correlated benefits.

The term “effective work team” can be best described as a team which is more of a flexible type and a self supporting mechanism in place for managing all the team work more effectively and efficiently.

 The complaints and associated personal or professional problems are discussed and addressed first by the team itself rather than escalating to the higher authorities or the big boss. This eliminates considerable time engagement for solving the queries then and there itself, also effectively bringing out optimum performance in terms of enhanced productivity and collective work from the individual and the team respectively.

Along the way even the best management practices are taken care of during this stage.

To achieve the above strategy for achieving quality and extracting effective work from the team, a few simple points in team building needs to be followed systematically as per below

“Have a common goal and vision” - Being united and working towards a common purpose and achieving the goals selflessly.

“Goal clarity” - Clear and common objectives and discussing the same frequently with an open mode of communication.

“Commitment from all” - To be loyal, productive and effective commitment from every individual is essential.

“Bringing out the best” – Specific skilled people accomplishing different tasks and guiding other new non skilled workers

“No place for ego”- It’s not about you or what is so relevant on your resume but playing along with all team members to accomplish common work standards and ethics.

“Qualitative and quantitative approach”- both needs to be balanced and driven.

“Innovation” - Learning and innovating together.

“Responsibility” - Sharing responsibility and to collectively work.

“Ownership”- Taking ownership for whatever fault/mistakes that can happen at work.

“Real teamwork” – Help each other by eliminating the “I” factor, there is no “I” in the team.

“Incorporation” – Incorporating broader skills to handle more work.

“Self management”- To share ideas and information without any reservations.

“Conversations which are constructive”- Conversations that are honest, open and filled with skillful discussions.

“Having a team lead” - Who can address and lead the team effectively.

On a final outcome on building effective work team a few facts are re-observed.

Introduce the business vision once again, help in decision making among groups, introduce the concept of leadership and promotions, manage effective work force, goals set which are predominantly achievable and finally engage in verbal communication as and when the need arises to eliminate negativity and boredom among employees. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Get Bedazzled at Theni this Pongal


Theni is situated 70 kms on the outskirts of Madurai, is a small village and known for its scenic and lush green beauty. Theni is known for the brilliant and rustic celebrations of Pongal. This newly formed Theni District is surrounded by Western Ghats. It is well-connected by rail and road to Madurai and by road to all the important cities in Tamil Nadu. The nearest airport is at Madurai.

A ride to the village transforms you to a different world where the waves of modernization have not influenced the age-old traditions. Don’t miss such an opportunity to see nature at its best. So grab a chance to go back to the basics of life where you appreciate and thank nature which has been providing us with all the blessings like a mother.

Theni is known for large scale trading of cardamom, cotton and textiles. Lot of basic shopping can be done here. If you are lucky enough you can catch some of the Tamil superstars shooting here as this place is very famous for film locations.

Pongal festival in Theni, Tamil Nadu

Theni district is known for its brilliant celebration of Pongal, which is considered to be one of the most important festivals of Tamil Nadu.

Pongal is a harvest festival, thanking the gods of nature namely Sun, Rain, Earth and Wind for their blessings and favorable harvesting. During this festival “Pongal” a form of a rice preparation in various sweet forms is cooked at every home as an offering to the deity. Sugarcane is also an integral part of this festival.

All the homes are decorated, family members wear new clothes and women adorn jewellery. Pongal and Sugarcane are distributed over a hearty meal to family members and friends. People shout “Pongalo pongal” during this time.

Typically Pongal festival runs from 14 to 17th January every year and is described as below.

14th - Bhogi Pongal is celebrated with first cleaning the house and decorating the compound with Rangoli.

15th - Thai Pongal is celebrated with worshipping the Sun god and sweets along with Pongal dishes are prepared and distributed.

16th - Mattu Pongal is celebrated with all the cows being decorated. Jallikattu or taming the bull event (the famous bull chase) is held which is a visual treat to watch.

17th - Kanum Pongal is celebrated with worshipping of the birds.

Theni Tourist attractions

Resounding cascades, silver-lined clouds resting a top billiard green hill tops, sheer rock faces and temples of antiquity distinguish these places. These unique places warm the soul and provide the much-needed balm to the mind.

Places of interest around Theni

Vaigai Dam is approximately 20 km.

Suruli falls is approximately 50 km.

Meghamalai Hill is approximately 67 km, is a misty place and a perfect weekend getaway to unwind.

Bodi Mettu Hill is approximately 45 km, is a hill resort situated at a height of 4500 feet.

Kumbakarai Falls is approximately 24 km.

Shanmuganathi Dam is approximately 50 km.

You can also visit other nearest places of interest like Thekkadi which is approximately 80 km and Munnar which is 95 km from Theni.

“Visit Theni and it will be truly your enchanting and memorable experience."